Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hooray inspiration

I think I'm in love.

Not necessarily with the Halloween ones (that's a little too fiddly for me) but the basic ones... they're like truffles for n00bs! I think even I could manage these! And they're so cute!

(You can tell I'm excited by my apparent inability to resist using exclamation points.)

I'm going to be home alone again on Friday.... I think I know what I'll be doing ;)

Also, I've been following the votes on the Ile de France Recipe Contest and finally realized that the recipe that is currently way out in front is, in fact, by Bakerella herself. That's it, I yield. I can't compete with her readership, and lets face it, her recipe far surpasses mine in originality and creativity (and her photos are actually pretty). So, congrats in advance Bakerella, I think you'll have earned this win. :)

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